Military Account Ban


After viewers constantly asked the U.S military about war crimes on Twitch, the military had to take charge. In this case, they chose to ban the users from commenting, however, this had significant long-term effects as due to the violation of the 1st Amendment Right, U.S military accounts were indefinitely banned.

Did you know that 2.12 million people in the world use Twitch each year? Besides the average teenager, the U.S Army created a Twitch channel of their own. However, the channel was banned just a few weeks after the initial making of the accounts. You might be wondering why these accounts were banned. The primary reason for the account ban was the unjust banning of viewers who asked about U.S War Crimes in the comments of the Army’s Twitch Channel.

The U.S Army did not have the right to ban viewers. In fact, these banning of users due to comments entirely violated the First Amendment Right. To review, the First Amendment protects the rights of citizens, as it includes: freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and the right to petition the government. A closer look at the phrase reveals that the “freedom of speech” demonstrates the fact that Twitch users have the right to comment any (appropriate) questions in the Army’s comment section.

Overall, the U.S Military didn’t have the right to ban users from asking questions about U.S war crimes. Even though it may be an uncomfortable topic for the army to see, banning the users for asking questions violates the first amendment right, “freedom of speech.” Because the military accounts were constantly doing this to their viewers, Twitch, as of now, their accounts are indefinitely banned!