Celebrating Christmas spirit

Dillon Tarle, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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A celebration of Christmas spirit and cheer, the Cathedral Catholic High School Christmas Cabaret will feature singers performing their favorite Christmas songs tomorrow in the Guadalupe Center. 

“Some veterans and newbies that you don’t want to miss will be performing, as well as lots of super talented people,” CCHS drama teacher Miss Katie Wilson said. “With the theme being the performer’s favorite Christmas song, it’ll allow them to introduce themselves, talk about why this song means something to them, and then share it. It’s a fun line up of people.”

The cabaret begins at 7:00 p.m. and has free admission, allowing CCHS students the opportunity to view several performances during the show. Food will be available with the option of selecting snacks or desserts.

“Cabarets are more than a concert, because it’s like a concert plus conversation. That kind of informal and friendly setting is what makes it really special,” Miss Wilson said. “It’s more organized than an open mic, but casual enough where it’s really fun.”