Unfamiliar smell affects students and faculty

Jared Schenk, Copy Editor

An adverse smell in Cabrini Hall and Assisi Hall irritated Cathedral High School Students today. 

Director of Facilities Mr. Sal Aiello elaborated on the smell and its source, a grease trap from the school kitchen. 

“Due to the grease traps being cleaned later than usual, the air conditioning was unable to recycle the clean air which removes the smell,” Mr. Aiello said. 

The smell even forced classes to evacuate their classrooms.

“My classroom smelled like rotten eggs this morning,” advanced placement government teacher Mr. Joe Filippone said. “The smell gave me a headache, and my Red 2 class had to work in the Academic Center due to the smell.”

CCHS staff expects the smell to diminish as the day progresses due to the air conditioning circulating clean air. 

“[The smell] will be gone in no time,” Mr. Aiello said. “There is nothing to worry about.”