Summer service

Ellery Wakeman , Assistant Photo Editor

Cathedral Catholic High School’s third annual trip to Nazareth Farm, an organization in Doddridge County, West Virginia, will take place this summer, and students can apply now to get involved.

“The trip is about doing service work for the people of West Virginia,” Mr. Hurt said. “We will be doing home repair projects like building porches, wheelchair ramps, staircases, and more. Nazareth Farm does these projects for people who cannot afford the work or are unable to do the work.”

Doddridge County is one of the poorest counties of West Virginia, and students will be given the opportunity to make connections through prayer, while living a life of simplicity and positivity in the Catholic community.

While the surface level of the trip consists of helping others, a deeper level demonstrates further understanding of the four pillars Nazareth Farm represents.

“The trip is about immersion into living out the four cornerstones of the Farm,” Mr, Hurt said. “Service, simplicity, prayer, and community. The Farm really challenges all participants to do all four of these all week.”

Interested students can email Mr. Hurt for more information.