Talent on campus

Katie Dittamore, Assistant Entertainment Editor

The Cathedral Catholic High School art and literary magazine El Sol allows students to express their creativity and talent in the arts. Students were recently asked to submit their artwork or writing pieces to be featured in the annual magazine, sold to students, teachers, and alumni.

“My hope is to receive more creative writing and poetry submissions,” El Sol Moderator Mrs. Catharine Kirby said. “We tend to have far more art than writing, and I’d like to see more of a balance. I’d also like to have students from each grade level help in the layout, design, and editing of the magazine.

“It’s a wonderful way for students to be involved, and it’s something great to add to your college application.”

Students also have the opportunity to work on the El Sol staff to step out of their comfort zone and express their thoughts about the art program at CCHS. Although this is Mrs. Kirby’s first year as moderator, her enthusiastic approach towards this year’s goals will hopefully encourage students to either join the staff or submit their pieces.

“A few of the changes I’m hoping to make to the magazine include creative writing and poetry from the foreign language department, including American Sign Language,” Mrs. Kirby said. “I hope to also include submissions from the Drama department’s Shakespeare competition and encourage the Options and Academy students to showcase their talents by submitting entries to the magazine.”