Vicious viruses

Ellery Wakeman, Assistant Spiritual Life Editor

An unknown source sent malicious emails last week to students and staff at Cathedral Catholic High School, causing iPad damage to those who opened the attached link.

“The emails are a fishing virus designed to get people’s passwords by going into contacts, emailing others, and looking for any valuable information,” technology assistant Mrs. Maegan Elliott said.

The emails, personalized to specific people, led many to believe they were legitimate. The messages contained a subject and a green box, which led to an iPad-hacking link if one put in any information.

The source succeeded in hacking many student and faculty emails, causing confusion across campus and forcing the affected to reach out to the technology office to reset their passwords.

“We want to make sure everyone’s information stays safe and secure, so if you receive an email like this, make sure to delete it immediately,” Elliott said.