Focus on Social Justice

Ellery Wakeman, Assistant Photo Editor

In order to educate Cathedral Catholic High School students about the current state of nationwide homelessness, all students will meet tomorrow in their Red 1 classes for this year’s first LIGHT (Living in God’s House Together) Group meeting, where they will discuss the effects of the homeless and ways to make a difference.

“[LIGHT] Group challenges students to learn about themselves, others, God, and the world in general,” Dean of Mission and Ministry Mrs. Stacy Wells said.

Through various activities and lessons involving this year’s theme of “Rowing into the Deep,” students will connect as a campus, getting to know each other better while working toward the common goal of service. LIGHT Group will meet approximately once a month for 30 minutes after Red 1.

“Through LIGHT Group this year, we will have the social justice focus of homelessness,” Mrs. Wells said.