Top five Coachella essentials

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The crowd goes silent.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

You look up as fluorescent lights shoot across the stage in different shapes, patterns, and colors. You feel your hands go up, your body dancing to the beat of the music. You close your eyes to hear the screams of the audience and music converge into one.

You open your eyes, you’re at Coachella.

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the United States, continuously selling out tickets within minutes of going on sale. Dating back to 1999, the Coachella Musical Festival marks its 20th anniversary this year. Since 2017 when the Indio City Council raised the attendance cap, the event has drawn 125,000 concert goers from all corners of the world who enjoy nice California weather, groovy music, and their best friends.

However, not being prepared at a festival ruins the experience.

So, before you travel to Indio, California, make sure to pack these five essential items for Coachella:

1. Portable charger
Imagine you are at the main Coachella stage, and your favorite artist comes out as the crowd goes wild. You pull out your phone to videotape the song, and the moment you start recording, your phone dies, resulting in an instant mood killer. Having your phone charged helps you communicate with friends if your group gets separated, enables the checking of the Coachella app, and captures all the magical Coachella moments.

“My portable charger was the best thing I brought with me last year,” Cathedral Catholic High School student Chloe Bieraugel ‘19 said. “It was such a life saver.”

Remember to pack a small portable charger and a cable (you’d be surprised at how many people forget a cable) that can easily fit in the back of your backpack or purse.

Make not mistake. When Childish Gambino performs, you’ll want your phone charged.   

2. Bandana
Blazing bright sun characterizes April in Indio, California. Despite the nice summer weather Coachella season provides, one extremely unpleasant characteristic is the dust. Every year dust at the polo field becomes a nightmare for Coachella attendees.

As a result, one Coachella essential is a bandana, which helps you keep the dust away from your face, so when you come back to America’s Finest City you don’t cough up three days worth of dust.

“Bandanas are so helpful to bring at Coachella, especially because the dust can get annoying,” CCHS student Tiffany Elliot ‘19 said. “They also look cute with any outfit, so it ends up serving a double purpose.”

After endless hours of standing in the sun on tired feet the last inconvenience you’ll want is dust in your eyes and throat. Make sure to bring a bandana to keep that annoying dust wave from bothering you.

3. Water
Your body is 60% water. On hot days, your body continuously lose water, primarily through sweat.

Music festivals incorporate dancing and running, all under the scorching heat. Essentially, music festivals become your cardio for the weekend. With any workout, it’s important to consume water.

Medical professionals recommend about two liters of water a day.

At Coachella, you can bring your own water bottle as long as it’s empty when you enter the festival. Make sure to avoid water bottles made of metal.

As you spot the ferris wheel, stages, and masses of people, you also will spot the refilling stations, which are scattered abundantly throughout festival grounds.

By all means, make sure to bring your water bottle and stay hydrated.

4. Sunglasses
One important aspect about Coachella is its fashion.

Every year, new themes and trends reveal themselves at the music festival. Whether you find yourself at the main stage or DoLab, an essential outfit piece would be sunglasses.

Like the bandana, sunglasses are another essential item.  Not only do they keep your eyes from being blinded by the Cahuilla Basin sun, but you accessorize your outfit.

“Sunglasses are always my favorite part about my outfit,” CCHS student Roberto Cano ‘19 said. “It’s a must.”

As you pack before your trip, don’t forget this special little accessory that will instantly make your outfit better.

5. Sun screen
Lastly, nobody wants skin cancer, sun burns, or wrinkles, making sunscreen a must-bring.

Since the Coachella fields offer little to no shade, sunscreen might be one of the best accessories you can pack when attending  Coachella. For most effective coverage, make sure your sunscreen features a SPF rating of 50 or higher.

If you do not want to haul a bottle of sunscreen, an extremely convenient solution would be a facial sunscreen stick. You can purchase sunscreen sticks at local drugs store or pharmacies.

Lip balm with an SPF of at least 15 in another must item as there is nothing more unpleasant than sunburned, dry lips.

So, be sure to protect your skin from the rays of the Coachella sunshine and dance the day away.

Items mentioned above are essential items for the perfect fun-filled Coachella experience. Whether you’re a freshman or senior venturing to Coachella, enjoy every moment to the fullest. You’ll never be this young again.

So, dance, laugh, and sing your heart out.