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El Cid

2016-2017 Staff

Kelsey Bacinett


Returning to El Cid for the third year, I am thrilled to serve as Editor-in-Chief! I love writing and photography and cannot wait to see where my talents takes me in the future. At CCHS, I serve as an ASB member and an NHS member ...

Sydney Calhoun

Managing Editor

As a result of my whimsical spirit, booking flights on American Airlines has become a hobby and picking up the monthly copy of VOGUE is routine. Aside from my espresso addiction, I am involved in a large Portuguese community of...

LeeAnne Bates

Sports Editor

I am a two-time Sports Editor and a charismatic Don in her senior year at Cathedral Catholic High School.  Following my passion for writing, I will continue a career as a journalist through sports.  One day, I hope to publish...

Cat Groenke

Copy Editor

To be honest, I never harbored any intention of being a journalist. My dream always has been to write fictional novels. Writing stories that are not real jives better with my personality than writing about news events, and I never ...

Matthew Bailey

News Editor

Reporting for El Cid since sophomore year has taught me invaluable information and lessons that I am eager to apply to my articles this year. I am enthusiastic about fulfilling the role of news editor for El Cid, and although t...

Maddy Bass

Spiritual Life Editor

"A spirited soul living in  Southern California," is how most people describe me. I like to think of myself as a happy face strolling through her senior year, living amongst the Maker of Heaven and earth. You can call me Maddy,...

Justine Apostol

Staff Writer

I enjoy spending time traveling, hanging with friends and family, sunbathing at the beach, and shopping. A  junior at Cathedral Catholic High School, I am writing for El Cid for the first time, and I am thrilled to be on staff, ...

Alexander Nicholas

Staff Writer

This is my first year on El Cid, and I look forward to being a journalist. I describe myself as a "glass half-full" type of guy, believing in optimism, positivity, and enthusiasm. Playing tennis is my main source of fun. I also ...

Claire Coll

Social Media Adviser

I aspire to be a journalist when I am done with high school, and I am excited to have El Cid play a part in my journey. Starting my junior year at Cathedral Catholic High School, I have taken my prior experience with dance to ...

Richard 'Tripp' Davidson

Staff Writer

My real name is Richard, but I have been called Tripp for as long as I can remember. I received my nickname from my grandpa and dad who are both named Richard. As a junior at Cathedral Catholic High School, I am joining El Ci...

Nicole Barno

Assistant Online Editor

I consider myself a literature enthusiast and some of my favorites are Harry Potter series and The Glass Castle. A junior at Cathedral Catholic, I enjoy reading books and going to the beach on my free time. I work at SeaWorld S...

Lauren Rabbitte

Public Relations Manager

First things first, I speak with a British accent, and if you have heard me speak before, I'm pretty sure you know who the ‘English girl’ is.I am excited to be a senior this year at Cathedral Catholic High School. I am over...

Carson Linxwiler

Photo Editor

 I consider myself  an ocean enthusiast, photographer and wilderness explorer. Being a lover of Mexican food, guacamole, EDM music, and positivity, I would like to introduce myself as Carson Linxwiler, a new member of this year's El ...

Katelyn Gueco

Assistant Spiritual Life Editor

As a senior at Cathedral Catholic High School and assistant Spiritual Life Editor for El Cid, I strive to leave a legacy of happiness and fulfillment through the stories I tell. If I am not spending time with the people I love...

The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School