The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School

El Cid

2016-2017 Staff

Kelsey Bacinett


Returning to write for El Cid for my third year, I am thrilled to serve as Editor-in-Chief! I love writing and photography and cannot wait to see where my talents takes me in the future. Here at CCHS, I love getting involved in...

Sydney Calhoun

Managing Editor

Picture a girl running through the airport, coffee in one hand Vogue in the other. As a result of my whimsical spirit, booking flights on American Airlines has become a hobby and planning the next road-trip is a daily must. Asid...

LeeAnne Bates

Sports Editor

I am a two-time Sports Editor and a charismatic Don in her senior year at Cathedral Catholic High School.  Following my passion for writing, I will continue my career as a journalist through sports.  One day, I hope to publish...

Cat Groenke

Copy Editor

To be honest, I never had any intention of being a journalist. My dream has always been to write fictional novels. Writing about things that aren't real jives better with me than writing about things that are, and I never really qu...

Matthew Bailey

News Editor

Reporting for El Cid since sophomore year has extensively taught me invaluable information and lessons that I am eager to apply to my articles this year. I am very enthusiastic about fulfilling the role of news editor for...

Maddy Bass

Spiritual Life Editor

A spirited soul living in sunny Southern California. A happy face strolling through her senior year at Cathedral Catholic High School. A daughter of the Maker of Heaven and earth. Call me Maddy, Madelyn, or any variation of the...

Justine Apostol

Staff Writer

I like to spend my time traveling, hanging with friends and family, going to the beach and shopping. In addition, I am a junior at Cathedral. This is my first year writing for El Cid and I'm so thrilled to be part of the staf...

Dylan Page

Assistant Sports Editor

As a junior here at CCHS, I am thrilled to enter my first year in El Cid. My passion for writing came from my father, who in author for a living. Outside of academics, I have found a love for baseball, cardistry, video editing and ef...

Alexander Nicholas

Staff Writer

This is my first year on El Cid, and I hope to enjoy being a fellow muckraker. I describe myself as a "glass half-full" type of guy. I believe in having optimism, positivity, and enthusiasm every day. Playing tennis is my main ...

Claire Coll

Social Media Adviser

I aspire to be a journalist when I'm done with high school, and am excited to have El Cid play a part in my journey. I'm starting my junior year at Cathedral Catholic this year, and am a Varsity Cheerleader. Cheering has influ...

Richard 'Tripp' Davidson

Staff Writer

My real name is Richard, but I have been going as Tripp for as long as I could remember.  I get my nickname from my grandpa and dad who are both named Richard. I'm Richard the third so Tripp stands for triple. I'm a junior here a...

Nicole Barno

Assistant Online Editor

My favorite books consist of the Harry Potter series and the book The Glass Castle. I am a junior here at Cathedral Catholic, and enjoy reading and going to the beach. I have been an employee at SeaWorld San Diego since May. I a...

Lauren Rabbitte

Public Relations Manager

First thing’s first, I do have a British accent, and yes I love watching Arsenal football. I’m excited to be a senior this year at Cathedral, and I’m over the moon to be part of the El Cid team. I transferred here from E...

Carson Linxwiler

Photo Editor

As an enthusiast for the ocean and all things involving water, a photographer and a wilderness explorer is my calling. Being a lover of Mexican food, guacamole, patron of modern EDM music, and an advocate for positivity, I woul...

Katelyn Gueco

Assistant Spiritual Life Editor

As a senior at Cathedral and assistant Spiritual Life editor for El Cid, I strive to leave a legacy of happiness and fulfillment through the stories I tell. If I'm not spending time with the people I love or writing my next story...

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